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  • Nothing seems to stop the open source shift

    LinuxDevices is reporting that non-profit public policy research group, Committee for Economic Development, has released a 72-page report that takes a look at open standards, open source software, and 'open innovation.' From the article: 'The report concludes that openness should be promoted as a matter of public policy, in order to foster innovation and economic growth in the U.S. and world economies.' The full text [PDF] of the report is also available for download from the CED site."

  • Ce qui est dangeureux: c'est le port (40â € voire 70€ pour un kit hélico), les frais de douanes et de TVA: 25% de la valeur déclarée du paquet. Ce qui est bien: nouveautés 4 mois à 1 an avant les autres, toujours moins cher de 200€ ou plus sur un kit, 60% moins cher pour les piéces détachées.
    • Astuces: demander au vendeur de déclarer ou de conditionner le colis comme un cadeau (gift) et zou plus de frais de douanes!
    • Si le mode cadeau n'existe pas, demander lui de déballer tous les sachets individuelles et de n'en faire qu'un (en vrac dans un sachet sans réferences: bonne chance monsieur les douaniers! :-), si il vous demande une participation pour la manutention supplémentaire, accepter de bon coeur, mieux offrer lui la!
    • Demander au vendeur de spécifier un prix fantaisiste sur le paquet! ex pour 1000â €, spécifier 70€ vous ne serez alors que taxer sur 70€, mais pas rembourser en cas de perte du paquet, c'est vrai, mais c'est trés rare la perte de paquet surtout avec UPS, Fedex etc...
    • La période de noêl est propice: les douanes sont surchargés! c'est du vécu cela, noêl et nouvel an! c'est le moment.
    • Si vous êtes moins ambitieux, regarder en Europe! les différerences de prix sont des fois édifiantes.
    • Trichez! faites vous livrez dans un pays limitrophes aux droits de douanes moindres....chez grand mère en belgique, en allemagne, la suisse (7% de TVA et le droit de passer des valeurs sans déclaration jusqu'a 250€ par jour)
    • Oui c'est dégeu, oui le pauvre magasin du coin va mourir, oui encore des protectionnisme, fermer les frontieres etc... non sans blague, le gars au japon, il vit et fait des bénéfices aussi! le gars du coin qui nous a B.... pendant 20 ans, il a qu'a ce dire que il a mangé son pain blanc, ses meilleures années sont derrière lui!

    Exemple révoltant: la canopy du raptor 30: 48€ en france, $15.5 (+20€ de port) au japon, faites en venir 3, 2 seront presque gratuite! regroupez vous. Commander en quantité, regrouper vous dans votre club et voler sur la même machine!

  • A survey conducted by IT consulting firm Optaros and InformationWeek magazine shows that American companies and government organizations are saving millions of dollars with open source software. Conducted in September 2005, the survey is based on responses collected from over 500 companies, government agencies, and organizations. According to the collected data, approximately 87 percent of American organizations use open source software within their technology infrastructure.

    read more HERE

    Add this to my bet: In fact a lot of companies are trying open source and never go back to proprietary alternatives, or at least : less company go back than Microsoft expectations. That's why Microsoft has started a FUD survey like 'Get the Facts' campaign...vendor locking won't stop customer to go away.
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  • Since I have a lot of raptor 30 bin parts, I will replace all parts on the caliber with them...- Replace paddles with raptor 30 paddles, done on 25.06.2002 -> this suppress completely flutter ! 1 day of hard 3D without any problem
    - Add longer tail boom suppport,
    - After a crash I will certainly replace landing skids with the raptor 30 landing skids since they are more flexible (loose crash ;-)).
    - The phillips head screws used are JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard). There are no substitutes. Regular metric drivers will not work. So it is a good idea to replace them all with allen screw before stripping original head screws (they are made of a very cheap metal)
    - Add an air filter, the engine sucks air from the airflow coming from the fan, this reduce possibility of dust entering in the carb.
    - You can use raptor 30 main rotor blade.
    - If you use the kyosho canopy, do not apply the decals (it is really a pain to apply them), but sligthly sand the screen and paint it instead.
  • Usually, a percentage of the tokens is sold to ICO participants and a percentage kept for the company’s needs. The token distribution and allocation of the token is usually a chapter in the future company whitepaper. A pie chart displays how and to whom tokens will be allocated. But how much tokens are allocated (amount) and what are they used for? how much token should I spend for advisor? is 15% of all tokens too much for founder? How many company use reward pool and what is the best size?

    I’m trying to answer all these questions at You can discover how much token are given for pre-sale, main sales, or reserved for particular needs across a bit less than 900 ICO!


    After analyzing 896 ICO, up to 24 main categories used to describe token distribution have been identified:

    advisors, airdrop, bonus, bounty, burned, community, company, crowdsale, ecommerce, foundation, founder, investors, legal, lockup, marketing, operations, pool, premined, presale, referrals, research, reserves, team

    The tedious work was to get the data and map categories (people used a huge amount of synonyms: up to 1936 unique words/sentences, including typos) down to 24 categories!

    Some examples:

    • crowdsale: ico, sales, crowd sale, crowd-sale, free sale, ico round, main-ico, coinsale, coin sale, ico token, public, …
    • bounty: ico bounty, bug bounty, gift, bounties
    • frozen: frozen, lock-up, vesting, lockup
    • and the list goes on….

    After that, graphing all these values was easy thanks to google charts API 

    I will update the data regularly, so keep visiting this page in the future.

    How it was done

    • Data are stored in Google Sheet, 2190 ICO, read from Whitepapers using PDFBox.
    • A category parser read and match token distribution categories (> 1936 unique words/sentences) and their respective values
    • A category reducer reduce the number of categories to a more manageable number by mapping similar category together. E.g. Early Bird investors -> preico
    • A category analyzer can query these data using multiple category selector strategies.

    What’s next?

    I will improve the category reducer over time to catch more and more synonyms and increase the coverage of ICO taken into account by the category analyzer.

    I plan to export the rules used in the category reducer and display them beside each pi chart soon.

    Feel free in comments to give me your feedback

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    Why a raptor 30 canopy?

    + Less ugly, moreover the R30 V2 is really nice (ok, it's not a princess but this is a personal point of view)
    + Real windows for watching the battery monitor,
    + Access to the needle, can be finally adjust realtime,
    + Lot lighter ( vs 237 grammes for the original canopy),
    + The exhaust can not melt the canopy ;-)
    + Better cooling,
    + Cheaper 30 size canopy of the market ($19).
    + Body retaining is easier, faster : 2 grommets instead of 4 "easy to loose" screws
    + Survive to many crash.

    Take a look at the caliber 30 manual, page 17, remove the 2 screw
    number 948 and replace them with philips screw or similar. We need to
    remove them because the are not suited for the raptor 30 canopy.

    You shall move the "hook" to the nearest
    position you can (to the edge of the canopy)

    You can cut the edgebut it is nott needed (not done on picture)

    Cut here in order to let the swashplatte moving freely. Cut the canopy to let some space between the muffler and the body if required.

    - The 2 fixing canopy screws (page 17, part 949) are iritating and if you don't forget to overtighten them, then you can loose one in flight. The best solutions is definitively to use the thunder tiger system part: PV0061

    Caution :I tried Fabian Wiedemann fiber canopy (well known brand in Europe that fit well on most 30 size). They can not be mount on the caliber, the radio tray is hitting the inside windows of canopy....

    You've done it! Result is below :
    15.11.2002 Kyosho now sell a fiber canopy: