ROOT is an object-oriented program and library developed by CERN. It was originally designed for particle physics data analysis and contains several features specific to this field, but it is also used in other applications such as astronomy and data mining. read more at WikiPedia

  • Microsoft cool gadget, is it not time to fire some gadget designer?

    No monkey has been hurt during the process...

    developer developer developer (more famous as the
    monkey dance)


  • Another cool module for Joomla! done in no time, thanks to Joomla! powerful API’s, the module is a front end for the myriad of parameter that can set for the Smugmug flash applet

  • Code produced is XHTML 1.0 Strict
  • Tested in the following browser Firefox, Opera, Chrome, IE 8
  • A great visual and a lot of features are built into this widget.
  • &160;

    This extension has been submitted to the JED (Joomla! extensions) and can be found also under the category photo-channels.


    All settings in module admin panel


  • New beta version of securityimages 4.2.0 beta

    NEW: Better troubleshooting section with some entries copied from the  forum
    NEW:: A new plugin calculator which propose a simple challenge to user: resolve a simple addition
    NEW: freecap, hncaptcha, calculator are also now creating logs files (success or failed user attempt) in the database.
    NEW: German translation by Tom Eppensteiner
    NEW: Session code patch submitted by Soeren  for better VirtueMart compatibility (HERE) part of the 4.2.0 version....Note to be able to profit of securityimages in VirtueMart, you'll have to use VirtueMart 1.1. This should also help users trying to protect JoomlaBoard with securityimages.
    BUG: better compatibility with host REGISTER GLOBALS OFF ( SecurityImages 4.0.1 Language Fix)
  • A Patch to protect Mambo administrator login page against brute force password attack!

    How it is working?

    1. It is a component com_hashcash containing alls script to create a MD5 key in PHP and javascript, and verifying a challenge.
    2. The server is sending inside a hidden field a MD5 value which is directly linked to the server, user sessionid, time.
    3. The client will have to encrypt with a MD5 javascript (costly cpu operation for a spammer) the value of this hidden field and send it back to the server as hidden field name.
    4. If the test is not succesful, the spammer will get banned for 60seconds.
    5. All successful/unsucessful submit are logged in a file.
    6. When the file get bigger as 64kb, an email is sent to the admin.

    This component has no administration panel! Simply overwrite the file on Your server with the content of the zip. A component package install is on the way.

    Original Mambo file affected for the login page:

    • /administrator/index.php <- add verification of the challenge
    • administrator\templates\mambo_admin\login.php <- insert hidden fields, and reference to MD5 javascript
    • administrator\templates\mambo_admin_blue\login.php <- insert hidden fields, and reference to MD5 javascript

    • Many cryptographic algorithm, SHA1 on the way,
    • A mambots for changing on the fly all FORM before submit,
    • Ako_comment has been already patched, and  tested -> Waiting OK from Arthur Konze for releasing.
    • Ako_guestbok must be changed
    link in download section...

    • The audience of my homepage is really starting to rise....a big thanks to all my visitors! :-)
    • I have also migrated my Wiki to the latest stable release of WikiPedia 1.3.9 released 2004-12-12

  • I recommend not to mount one! sometimes it is better to always remove the can discover mechanical bug and do a quick check before each new flight.

    cheap way by elta68 better looking by CK_
  • I am reading many forums since 2 weeks (home,, and reviews to better understand how to choose the right screen for my Panasonic PT900-AE. I am more or less installed in my new apartment, but in order to profit of the biggest room (6.4m * 3.6m), I have to use a wall with either windows or a door in the middle. Time to shop for a screen instead of using the white wall...

    A lot of companies are selling screens, and if You do not take care, You'll end up very quickly with a 200euro screens, which are per see not bad, but really not adapted for home cinema.
    You will find a lot of tutorials and guide on the Internet helping You choosing the right screens. Stewart being the Rolls-Royce brand of screens (but it start at 8000CHF)

    The 3 major parameters are:
    1. Screen Gain : The ability of a screen to direct incident light to an audience. A flat matte white wall has the gain of approximately 1. Screens with a gain less than 1 attenuate incident light; screens with gain more than 1 direct more incident light to the audience but have a narrow viewing angle. For example: an image reflecting off a 10 gain screen appears 10 times brighter than it would if reflected off a matte white wall. Curved screens usually have larger gain than flat screens.
    2. Viewing Angle:Screens do not reflect equally in all directions. Most light is reflected in a conical volume centered around the "line of best viewing". Maximum brightness is perceived if you are within the viewing cone defined by the horizontal and vertical viewing angles.
    3. Your budget: we can not all buy a Stewart Firehawk (anyway it is optimized for DLP not LCD).

    The presence of black band to hide eventual artifacts created by the projector (but it can be solve by software), the transparency of the screens is also important....
    At the end, I was reading user experience of cheap screens which develop waves after a period of time,  mechanical mechanism problems and so on...I was able to retains 3  models:
    At the end, I was reading user experience of cheap screens which develop waves after a period of time,  mechanical mechanism problems and so on...I was able to retains 3  models:

    Da-Lite Model C A mechanical DaLite, Da-Lite Model C "CSR" 16:9  198x353cm - manual
    which should be the best screen quality of all 2 screens below (screen material only).

    The Model C™ with CSR is a manual wall or ceiling mounted screen with Da-Lite's Controlled Screen Return (CSR).
    CSR is a feature offered exclusively by Da-Lite to assist in the quiet controlled return of the screen into the case.
    Exclusiv home has a tensioned system (seems to be the latest development for avoiding waves in the middle of the screen and still having a rolling screen: the best of the 2 world)

    It has also SOMFY motor, IR remote controller and a price tag of 1980CHF or 1300 euro. It uses  a vinyl screen of gain 1.0.

    In fact it is a screen build by Grandview (Grandview Crystal Screen Co of Canada) 
    They are originally out of China and they have decided to add a supply warehouse in Canada. Sariaa is having the same model here:

    All 3 Brand sell the SAME model, so do not loose time to look at characteristics and choose the one which is cheaper.

    The last option is the DIY (Do It Yourself), and voila a good link if you have a wall big enough:

  • A source of belt on ebay

    Pour la monter, il faut démonter la flasque mobile de la seconde poulie, facile si vous fabriquer un outil pour comprimmer le ressort.
    Voici une autre référence si vous pouvez en trouver: CONT_VARIFLEX W16x0560

    muellerwug ( 250Sternchen) KEILRIEMEN FüR DKW HOBBY ROLLER
    22mm X 8.5mm X 570mm


  •  apache_maven

    We are currently asking ourselves at INNOVEO, if we need to keep a version of integration versions.
    Integration versions main objective is to be integrated with other modules to make and test an
    application or a framework. This question is quickly becoming essential when working with several
    modules, where you will have to to rely on intermediate, non finalized versions of modules.

    Since we are also following  the continuous integration paradigm for all our modules, Thanks to
    Apache MAVEN, these integration versions are produced by a continuous integration server
    (Team City from JetBrain), very frequently.

    So, how can you deal with these, possibly numerous, integration versions? The response is coming
    from this extract from IVY documentation

    There are basically two ways to deal with them,

    Use a naming convention
    The idea is pretty simple, each time you publish a new integration of your module you give the same
    name to the version (in maven world this is for example 1.0-SNAPSHOT). The dependency manager
    should then be aware that this version is special because it changes over time, so that it does not
    trust its local cache if it already has the version, but check the date of the version on the repository
    and see if it has changed.

    Create automatically a new version for each
    in this case you use either a build number or a timestamp to publish each new integration version
    with a new version name. Then you can use one of the numerous ways in Ivy to express a version
    constraint. Usually selecting the very latest one (using 'latest.integration' as version constraint) is

    But usually we recommend to use the second one, because using a new version each time you publish
    a new version better fits the version identity paradigm, and can make all your builds reproducible,
    even integration one. And this is interesting because it enables, with some work in your build system,
    to introduce a mechanism to promote an integration build to a more stable status, like a milestone
    or a release.

    The example given is very interesting...

    Imagine you have a customer which comes on a Monday morning and asks your latest version of your
    software, for testing or demonstration purpose. Obviously he needs it for the afternoon :-) Now if
    you have a continuous integration process and a good tracking of your changes and your artifacts, it
    may occur that you are actually able to fulfill his request without needing the use of a dolorean to
    give you some more time :-) But it may occur also that your latest version stable enough to be used
    for the purpose of the customer was actually built a few days ago, because the very latest just break
    a feature or introduce a new one you don't want to deliver. In this case, you can deliver this 'stable'
    integration build if you want, but be sure that a few days, or weeks, or even months later, the
    customer will ask for a bug fix on this demo only version. Why? Because it's a customer, and we
    all know how they are :-)

    So, with a build promotion feature of any build in your repository, the solution would be pretty easy:
    when the customer ask for the version, you not only deliver the integration build, but you also
    promote it to a milestone status, for example. this promotion indicates that you should keep track of
    this version in a long period, to be able to come back to it and create a branch if needed.

    Note this is the strategy at, where a nightly build (N20080420) can be promoted to an Maintenance
    release if quality is good enough. Below I've put an extract of a presentation document from © 2006 by Alex Blewitt;
    made available under the EPL v1.0 |  2006-03-20  |

    We are now using the same naming convention at INNOVEO for our product

    Eclipse builds are of different type:

    (N) Nightly
    • Built every night (whether successful or not)
    • Used to run quality metrics and whether tests have passed
    (I) Integration
    • Used to ensure that code works together
    • Used to run quality metrics
    (M) Maintenance
    • Released at the end of each build cycle
    (R) Release
    • Released at the end of each release cycle

    Each product is given a build id,

    • Build Type (N, I, M or R)
    • Build ID (M20060118)
    • Build Label (M20060118-1600)
    • Timestamp of build (16:00 on the 18th Jan, 2006)
    • Each release corresponds to a specific build label
    • May also be known as other aliases in CVS
    • R3_1_2, vI20060118-1000, R3_1_Maintenance

    To keep the Eclipse ecosystem in step, everything is tagged

    • Part of the build process tags the current code with vI20060320
    • A build is only promoted from N->I if there are no build failures
    • A build is promoted from I->M if there are no failures and all the
      functionality works to a satisfactory level
    • A build is promoted from M->R at the end of a release cycle and
      the quality is suitably high

     On the other hand, the main drawback of this solution is that it can produce a lot of intermediate
    versions, and you will have to run some cleaning scripts in your repository...

    I will present You later how you can achieve this goal with MAVEN and Team City

  • kmel_nano_quads

    The General Robotics, Automation, Sensing and Perception (GRASP) Lab, located at the University of Pennsylvania, is already well known for its work with quad rotors. And now they can fly autonomously.

    Experiments performed with a team of nano quad rotors at the GRASP Lab, University of Pennsylvania. Vehicles developed by KMel Robotics.

  • MapReduce: Simplifed Data Processing on Large Clusters

    "MapReduce is a programming model and an associated implementation for processing and generating large data sets. Users specify a map function that processes a key/value pair to generate a set of intermediate key/value pairs, and a reduce function that merges all intermediate values associated with the same intermediate key. "
    Statistics of jobs in august 2004, as usual impressive amount of data!!!
    Number of jobs 29,423
    Average job completion time 634 se
    Machine days used 79,186 days
    Input data read 3,288 TB
    Intermediate data produced 758 TB
    Output data written 193 TB


    "It has been used across a wide range of domains within Google, including:&160;&160; large-scale machine learning problems,&160;&160; clustering problems for the Google News and Froogle products, MapReduce has been so successful because it makes it possible to write a simple program and run it ef ciently on a thousand machines in the course of half an hour, greatly speeding up the development and prototyping cycle. Furthermore, it allows programmers who have no experience with distributed and/or parallel systems to exploit large amounts of resources easily." more in the PDF here
  • I am trying to design some boxes for all my project, this has force me to play a little bit with:

    • Inkscape (GNU vector graphics)
    • Gimp (GNU 2D graphics images)
    • 3dBox maker (great tool for $29)

    result of 20minutes of try and errors, feedback welcomed. It is not definitive in any ways. Products will always stay free and under GPL: it is only for FUN

  • This is the kind of geek stuff that put a big smile on my face when I read it... a portable ladtop capable of listening 300 wireless networks and hacking WEP keys in 5 minutes....

    A small security firm has made a portable computer that is capable of scanning 300 networks simultaneously. Dubbed the "Janus Project", the computer also has a unique "Instant Off" switch that renders the captured data inaccessible.

    At first glance, the Janus computer looks like a ladtop, but Williams said it is much more powerful than that. Inside the rugged yellow case sits a mini-computer motherboard powered by a 1.5 GHz VIA C7 processor and an Acer 17" LCD screen. Ubuntu 6.0 Linux runs the eight Atheros a/b/g Gold mini-PCI cards which continuously scan wireless networks. [....]

    In addition to scanning for wireless traffic, Williams says the computer can break most WEP keys very quickly by focusing all eight wireless cards on the access point. Using a combination of common utilities like airreplay, airdump and aircrack, Willams said, "When I use all 8 radios to focus in on a single access point, [the WEP key] lasts less than five minutes." However, he added that some retail wireless access points will "just die" after being hit with so much traffic... read more here



    A very good document, if you want to improve your code, Click HERE to download it

    This paper informs about design and implementation of error handling facilities in business information systems. It presents a pattern language for the object oriented design of components needed for error handling and also present sample code in different programming languages (C++, Java, Cobol, Smalltalk).
    List of Patterns

    Error Object, Exception Hierarchy , Error Traps, Assertion Checking Object, Backtrace , Centralized Error Logging, Error Handler, Default Error Handling, Error Dialog, Resource Preallocation, Checkpoint Restart, Exception Abstraction, Exception Wrapper, Multithread Exception Handling

    found at:

    List of Patterns
    To get a better idea of the various patterns and the problems they are related to, we list all pattern names together with page references and questions defining the problems:

    Error Object* What characterizes an error? How to structure and administrate error information?

    Exception Hierarchy * How to structure error types? What role does inheritance play in the structuring of errors?

    Error Traps * What indicators are useful to detect erroneous situations and where to install the traps in the application code?

    Assertion Checking Object * How to implement Error Traps in an object oriented language without using a generative approach?

    Backtrace * How to collect and trace useful information for the system developers or the maintenance team, so that it supports them by the analysis of the error situation? Especially, if we have no or limited access to the stack administered by the system itself.

    Centralized Error Logging * How do you organize exception reporting so that you can offer your maintenance personnel good enough information for analyzing the branch offices problems?

    Error Handler * Where and how do you handle errors?

    Default Error Handling * How do you ensure that you handle every possible exception correctly (no unhandled exception and limited damage)?

    Error Dialog * How to signal errors to an application user?

    Resource Preallocation * How to ensure error processing although resources are short?

    Checkpoint Restart * How do you avoid a complete rerun of a batch as a result of an error?

    Exception Abstraction * How do you generate reasonable error messages without violating abstraction levels?

    Exception Wrapper * How do you integrate a ready-to-use library into your exception handling system?

    Multithread Exception Handling * How to schedule exceptions in a multithread environment?




    Structural Analysis for Java "SA4J is a technology that analyzes structural dependencies of Java applications in order to measure their stability. It detects structural "anti-patterns" (suspicious design elements) and provides dependency web browsing for detailed exploration of anti-patterns in the dependency web. SA4J also enables "what if" analysis in order to assess the impact of change on the functionality of the application; and it offers guidelines for package re-factoring."


    Metrics sourceforge
    eclipse plugin
    • Durability of Usability GuidelinesAbout 90% of usability guidelines from 1986 are still valid, though several guidelines are less important because they relate to design elements that are rarely used today.The 944 guidelines related to military command and control systems built in the 1970s and early 1980s; most used mainframe technology. You might think that these old findings would be completely irrelevant to today's user interface designers.60 guidelines reviewed here
    • Jakob Nielsen pageDr. Nielsen founded the "discount usability engineering" movement for fast and cheap improvements of user interfaces and has invented several usability methods, including heuristic evaluation. He holds 76 United States patents, mainly on ways of making the Internet easier to use.

  • Provide an interface for creating families of related or dependent objects without specifying their concrete classes.

    Source Code

     * Abstract factory declares an interface for operations that create abstract
     * product objects.
     * @role __Factory
    public interface AbstractFactory {
      * Creates abstract product
            ProductA createProductA();        /**
      * Creates abstract product
            ProductB createProductB();}
     * Abstract factory declares an interface for operations that create abstract
     * product objects.
     * @role __Factory
    public interface AbstractFactory {
      * Creates abstract product
            ProductA createProductA();        /**
      * Creates abstract product
            ProductB createProductB();}
     * Abstract product - an interface for a type of Product object.
     * @role __Product
     * @see AbstractFactory
    public interface ProductA {
      * add product method declarations here
     * Concrete Factory implements operations of AbstractFactory to create Concrete
     * product objects.
    public class MyFactory implements AbstractFactory {
      * Creates concrete product ConcreteProduct1
            public ProductA createProductA() {
                    return new ConcreteProduct1();        }
      * Creates concrete product ConcreteProduct2
            public ProductB createProductB() {
                    return new ConcreteProduct2();        }
     * Concrete product defines a product object to be created by the corresponding
     * concrete factory.
     * @see MyFactory
    public class ConcreteProduct1 implements ProductA {
     * Concrete product defines a product object to be created by the corresponding
     * concrete factory.
     * @see MyFactory
    public class ConcreteProduct2 implements ProductB {
  •  I show You here (with screenshots) How to access Joomla Forge CVS system using the standard Eclipse CVS client.

    Click Read more !

    Go to the perspective CVS Repository Exploring
    New Repository LocationAdd a new repository location (the screenshots show a workspace I am using with all repositories already defined...)
    add CVS repositoryEnter the following informations:
    • Host is
    • Repository pathis /cvsroot/com_akocommentplus
    • Enter your user login (create one if needed here)
    • Enter your Password
    • Connection type should be extssh
    Click on button Finish
    check out HEAD from Joomla ForgeYoure done, you can now checkout the HEAD

  • Ce qui est dangeureux: c'est le port (40â € voire 70€ pour un kit hélico), les frais de douanes et de TVA: 25% de la valeur déclarée du paquet. Ce qui est bien: nouveautés 4 mois à 1 an avant les autres, toujours moins cher de 200€ ou plus sur un kit, 60% moins cher pour les piéces détachées.
    • Astuces: demander au vendeur de déclarer ou de conditionner le colis comme un cadeau (gift) et zou plus de frais de douanes!
    • Si le mode cadeau n'existe pas, demander lui de déballer tous les sachets individuelles et de n'en faire qu'un (en vrac dans un sachet sans réferences: bonne chance monsieur les douaniers! :-), si il vous demande une participation pour la manutention supplémentaire, accepter de bon coeur, mieux offrer lui la!
    • Demander au vendeur de spécifier un prix fantaisiste sur le paquet! ex pour 1000â €, spécifier 70€ vous ne serez alors que taxer sur 70€, mais pas rembourser en cas de perte du paquet, c'est vrai, mais c'est trés rare la perte de paquet surtout avec UPS, Fedex etc...
    • La période de noêl est propice: les douanes sont surchargés! c'est du vécu cela, noêl et nouvel an! c'est le moment.
    • Si vous êtes moins ambitieux, regarder en Europe! les différerences de prix sont des fois édifiantes.
    • Trichez! faites vous livrez dans un pays limitrophes aux droits de douanes moindres....chez grand mère en belgique, en allemagne, la suisse (7% de TVA et le droit de passer des valeurs sans déclaration jusqu'a 250€ par jour)
    • Oui c'est dégeu, oui le pauvre magasin du coin va mourir, oui encore des protectionnisme, fermer les frontieres etc... non sans blague, le gars au japon, il vit et fait des bénéfices aussi! le gars du coin qui nous a B.... pendant 20 ans, il a qu'a ce dire que il a mangé son pain blanc, ses meilleures années sont derrière lui!

    Exemple révoltant: la canopy du raptor 30: 48€ en france, $15.5 (+20€ de port) au japon, faites en venir 3, 2 seront presque gratuite! regroupez vous. Commander en quantité, regrouper vous dans votre club et voler sur la même machine!

  • Just watched the movie “Act of Valor” (IMDB 6.5/10) where an elite team of Navy SEALs embark on a covert mission to recover a kidnapped CIA agent. The film end with this great citation of Chief Tecumseh

    Tecumseh was a Native American leader of the Shawnee and a large tribal confederacy which opposed the United States during Tecumseh's War and the War of 1812. Tecumseh has become an iconic folk hero in American, Indian and Canadian history. Wikipedia

    So live your life that the fear of death can never enter your heart. Trouble no one about their religion; respect others in their view, and demand that they respect yours. Love your life, perfect your life, beautify all things in your life. Seek to make your life long and its purpose in the service of your people
    When it comes your time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song and die like a hero going home.

    Which in french could be translated like this:

    Vis ta vie en ne laissant jamais la peur de la mort envahir ton cœur. Ne contrarie jamais personne sur sa religion, respecte les autres et leur choix et demande leurs de respecter les tiens. Aime ta vie, perfectionne ta vie, magnifie toutes les choses de ta vie. Faits que dans ta vie que tu es toujours besoin de venir en aide aux autres. Quand ton heure viendra de mourir, ne sois pas comme ceux là que la mort terrifie, qui leur jour venu pleurent et prient pour un sursis et une vie différente de la leur. Chante ta mort et meurt comme un héros qui rentre à la maison.

    More quote of chief Tecumseh

  • Commence à m'enerver cette pub de Danone, c'est vraiment n'importe quoi. Un tres bon article de liberation resume bien le problème...mais que fait la police?

    ces produit que l'on nomme alicaments sont serieusement décriés (voir le nombre d'article dans Google), manque de pot (sic) monsieur tout le monde n'a pas internet ou le jugement necessaire pour eviter ces pièges.

    Produit lacté censé être une mine de vertus bienfaisantes grâce à ses ferments, Actimel a surtout bénéficié d'un marketing hors pair, modèle du genre étudié comme tel dans les écoles. Histoire de cette potion surtout magique pour le groupe Danone.
    Par Florent LATRIVE - mercredi 10 novembre 2005

    (...)A l'heure où les rayons des supermarchés se couvrent de produits promettant intestins en béton, cholestérol dompté ou zéro stress, Danone sait qu'il joue gros : la vogue de la bouffe santé suscite des polémiques croissantes, l'hostilité des associations de consommateurs, et un projet de règlement européen destiné à faire le ménage dans les prétentions des industriels. Hors de question qu'Actimel, le plus emblématique de ces aliments, soit emporté au passage. Avec 620 millions d'euros de chiffre d'affaires en 2003 et des taux de croissance flirtant avec les 30 % partout dans le monde, la fiole s'est imposée comme un produit stratégique pour la firme.
    Alors, Danone surjoue le sérieux scientifique : la visite du site se fait en blouse blanche ; on est invité à patienter devant un poster plein de courbes, de chiffres et de noms latins ; on exhibe le matériel, les frigos, la machine pour screener la collection de souches... Tout suinte la démonstration : Actimel, c'est pas du bidon.

    Lactobacillus Casei DN-114 001

    Au moment du lancement d'Actimel en France, en 1997, l'atmosphère était bien plus détendue. Même si Jean-Michel Antoine, le responsable scientifique de Vitapole, aime à répéter que la copine des défenses naturelles est le fruit de dix ans de recherche, à l'origine, les préoccupations scientifiques sont assez maigres.
     Il s'agit surtout de réagir à la menace du débarquement en Europe du japonais Yakult (1), le pionnier des probiotiques, ces yaourts dopés avec des ferments censément miracles. Pour le numéro un mondial des produits laitiers, l'idée de se faire souffler un marché potentiel est insupportable. Illico, les équipes puisent dans leurs réserves de ferments lactiques pour en exhumer le Lactobacillus Casei DN-114 001. Affublé du sobriquet «L. casei Defensis» par le marketing maison, il reste à trouver une astuce pour parvenir à vendre ce truc hybride qui n'est pas vraiment un yaourt, et assurément pas un médicament.

    Un publicitaire témoin des réunions préparant le lancement raconte : «Ils ont dit : "Voilà, ça sera dans le rayon frais, sous forme de petites bouteilles, qu'est-ce qu'on peut faire ?" On s'est dit que le produit pourrait trouver un positionnement naturel au petit déjeuner.» C'est l'origine du «geste santé du matin», trouvaille en accord avec l'image «santé» choisie par le groupe plusieurs années auparavant. Bingo. Les ventes dépassent de loin les prévisions. Selon deux témoignages différents, le directeur du marketing d'alors, Bruno Meurisse, n'en revient pas d'«avoir vendu autant de lait aussi cher». Car Actimel est une martingale : vendu entre 4 et 5 euros le litre, il coûte deux à trois fois plus cher qu'un Danone nature ; consommé le matin, il ne pique pas de part de marchés aux yaourts. Et l'astuce du «geste» en fait un produit quotidien, source de revenus réguliers pour la firme.
    La publicité joue un rôle important. Plus gros annonceur en France en 2003 avec 309 millions d'euros lâchés en télé, radio ou presse soit près de 2 % du total , l'entreprise est rompue à l'arrosage pub pour doper ses produits. C'est un spot vantant la petite fiole qui a été le plus diffusé à la télé anglaise pendant la semaine du 16 au 22 septembre. Diffusé 162 fois, il a occupé 2 h 32 de temps d'antenne, contre moins de la moitié pour le numéro 2.

    Les pieds dans le tapis

    C'est avec une pub que Danone a d'ailleurs subi son premier bug. En 2002, un spot met en scène un enfant qui laisse tomber une part de gâteau dans le bac à sable, avant de le remettre dans sa bouche. Drame ? Que nenni : les L. casei de magic Actimel sont là pour protéger l'inconscient, laisse entendre une mère comblée. C'est la prétention de trop, l'association de consommateurs Confédération du logement et du cadre de vie (CLCV) menace de porter plainte. «Comme tous les ferments lactiques, notamment les yaourts, Actimel offre un petit coup de pouce au niveau des capacités immunitaires, rappelle Olivier Andrault, le directeur scientifique de l'association. Mais cela n'a aucun effet sur ce qu'on trouve dans les bacs à sable, comme des staphylocoques dorés ou des vers intestinaux issus des déjections canines.» La firme retire illico la pub, une démarche «adulte», pour Olivier Andrault. «On s'est pris les pieds dans le tapis, concède Isabelle Domercq, en charge de l'Actimel Acceleration Unit (!) du groupe. Depuis, on a mis en place des procédures et aucun pays ne peut sortir une publicité ou une communication sans validation par le groupe.»
    Cette bourde n'empêchera pas Danone de continuer à survendre les vertus de son liquide sucré, «flirtant avec les limites en jouant la potion magique, s'amuse Christophe Bénavent, enseignant en marketing à l'université de l'Adour. L'effet est moins automatique qu'avec une ecstasy, mais on a l'espoir que ça va participer à une expérience où l'on se sentira bien». Selon les pays, la com' cible les mères de famille ou les enfants. En France, ce sont désormais les vieux qui sont incités à se doper à l'Actimel.
    Toutes les associations de consommateurs européennes soutiennent une proposition de règlement européen destinée à interdire notamment les allégations santé qui ne seraient pas prouvées scientifiquement. De quoi vider les rayons des supermarchés...

    Danone a anticipé. L'entreprise a mis le paquet pour tenter de prouver à tout prix qu'Actimel n'est pas du pipeau. Recrutements nombreux, accords avec des laboratoires publics prestigieux, budgets en hausse. «Ils tendent désormais vers l'excellence en recherche, j'ai travaillé avec des gens qui publiaient à tour de bras dans Science ou Nature, et ce n'était pas le cas il y a cinq ans», témoigne un biologiste, ex-salarié du groupe à Vitapole.

    L'objectif ? Réaliser des études et présenter un dossier sérieux à l'Agence française de sécurité sanitaire des aliments (Afssa) pour obtenir le «cachet» de l'agence. Pendant cette période, les équipes planchant sur Actimel sont chouchoutées, «à tel point que les autres râlaient», poursuit le biologiste.

    En janvier 2004, la sentence tombe, peu glorieuse : l'Afssa estime que les «résultats des études disponibles ne permettent pas de démontrer tous les effets allégués du produit chez l'homme» et fait remarquer que les doses réelles (1 bouteille par jour) ne «sont pas comparables» aux doses avalées par les cobayes des études (de 2 à 5 par jour). Sur les dix allégations soumises à l'examen par Danone, seule la mention «participe à renforcer les défenses naturelles de l'organisme» est justifiée. Exit le renforcement de la barrière intestinale, la régulation du système immunitaire et autre lutte contre les agressions du quotidien. L'Afssa préconise même de mentionner sur l'étiquette que «l'effet bénéfique attendu n'est scientifiquement prouvé que pendant la prise du produit et cesse très vite dès son arrêt». «Au mieux, il y a un petit effet, au pire ça ne fera pas de mal», résume Jean-Christophe Boclé, chargé de projet scientifique à l'Afssa.

    «On va positiver à mort»

    Une grosse claque ? Tout sourire debout dans un couloir immaculé de Vitapole, Jean-Michel Antoine se dit au contraire «très heureux de l'avis de l'Afssa», qui, à défaut de mieux, reconnaît un «effet» à Actimel. Et tant pis si le slogan officiel pourrait s'appliquer à n'importe quel yaourt, sinon à beaucoup d'aliments. «Ils nous ont dit tout de suite : "on va positiver à mort, c'est super"», raille un membre de l'Afssa. «Ils ont un produit qui marche bien, ils voulaient le label Afssa pour obtenir une caution», estime Jean-Christophe Boclé, au début assez «étonné» que Danone se gargarise d'un avis qu'il jugeait «négatif».

    De fait, l'entreprise dispose de quoi envisager plus sereinement une législation à venir, et peaufiner les méthodes maison pour multiplier les lancements de produits à prétentions santé. Danone a-t-il pour autant sauvé son flacon à millions ? Pas sûr. Le projet de législation européenne prévoit aussi d'interdire aux produits trop gras ou trop sucrés de communiquer sur des allégations santé. En ligne de mire : les céréales bourrées de sucres qui se targuent de booster le «capital santé», ou les sucettes affichant «0 % de matières grasses». Et, sur ce point, Actimel n'est pas exempt de reproches : le L. casei donne un goût amer au yaourt, il a donc fallu ajouter du sucre. «Ce n'est pas sûr que le profil nutritionnel d'Actimel soit bon avec l'équivalent de deux morceaux de sucre par petite bouteille, fait remarquer Hélène Moraut, chargée du dossier alimentaire à l'UFC-Que choisir. Pour un produit qui ne sert pas à grand-chose, c'est un peu bête de consommer deux morceaux de sucre pour rien.»

    (1) Depuis, Danone a pris 20 % du capital du japonais et signé un partenariat avec la firme.
  • kyosho_caliber_30

    Actually on

  • logo_acunetix

    I will use it on my host very soon, if you have your own root server, this tool must be part of your administrator toolbox. Joomla! team use it to test the core framework, so we should be on the safe side, unfortunately we are are all using too many plug-ins that may be unsecure.. Here is how a report generated using Acunetix WVS look like (PDF - 1.5MB).

    Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner automatically scans your web applications / website (shopping carts, forms, dynamic content, etc.) and web services for vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, Blind SQL Injection, Cross site scripting, Google hacking, CRLF Injection & other web attacks. Acunetix crawls and analyzes websites including flash content, AJAX / Web 2.0. Also includes reporting for PCI Compliance, OWASP & more

    Out of the 100,000 websites scanned by Acunetix WVS, 42% were found to be vulnerable to Cross Site Scripting. XSS is extremely dangerous and the number of the attacks is on the rise. Hackers are manipulating these vulnerabilities to steal organizations’ sensitive data. Can you afford to be next?

    Cross Site Scripting allows an attacker to embed malicious JavaScript, VBScript, ActiveX, HTML, or Flash into a vulnerable dynamic page to fool the user, executing the script on his machine in order to gather data. Exploited Cross Site Scripting is commonly used to achieve the following malicious results:

    • Identity theft
    • Accessing sensitive or restricted information
    • Gaining free access to otherwise paid for content
    • Spying on user’s web browsing habits
    • Altering browser functionality
    • Public defamation of an individual or corporation
    • Web application defacement
    • Denial of Service attacks

    Scan your website for Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities at no cost NOW

    Get an insight into Acunetix Manual

  • Convert the interface of a class into another interface clients expect. Adapter lets classes work together that couldn't otherwise because of incompatible interfaces.

    Source Code

     * Defines an existing interface that needs adapting
     * @role __Adaptee
    public class Adaptee {
    	/* Some adaptee-specific behavior */
    	public void specificRequest() {
    		// some adaptee specific stuff is going here
     * This class adapts the interface of Adaptee to the Target interface
    public class Adapter extends Target {
    	/** reference to the object being adapted */
    	private Adaptee adaptee;
    	 * @param adaptMe
    	 *            class to adapt whis this adapter
    	public Adapter(Adaptee adaptMe) {
    		this.adaptee = adaptMe;
    	 * Implementation of target method that uses adaptee to perform task
    	public void request() {
     * This class defines domain-specific interface used by client
     * @role __Target
    public abstract class Target {
    	/** This method is called by client when he needs some domain-specific stuff */
    	public abstract void request();
  • Add a led to your Xbox to seehard disk activity

    This mod is quite risky, especially if you
    can not solder with precision 

    xboxIcon Legal Issues

    1. It is strictly forbidden to modify your xBox, sell or install mods chip in france.
    2. Even opening the XBOX is forbidden.
    3. Remember pirating is a crime, support the developers and film companies.

    {mosgoogle center}

    xboxIcon 1. How To

    • LED
    • Resistor 220 Ohms

    The resistor (value depending of the LED power) has to be soldered on the longest LED wire

    +5 Volts is taken from the connector, you can open the connector and close it without any difficulties

    The trickiest part is to solder on pin39 the signal (negative)

    You should also verify carefully your soldering, this tool may help

    Drill a 3mm hole or bigger depending on LED size

    Final Result

  • With Splunk You will be able to

    optimize container usage by monitoring CPU, memory, disk and network performance metrics from your containers. Pay only for what you need by managing resources and measuring the impact on service reliability and container resource requirements.

    Get a complete overview of Kubernetes and OpenShift Environments Correlate performance metrics, container logs and OpenShift/Kubernetes configuration and metadata for a better understanding of how your infrastructure is performing and how hosted applications are behaving.